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Roman Constructions

There are many evidences of the Roman civilization found: coins, amphora, pottery shards and other findings. Moreover, on the antique Roman road, that passes through the coastal zone of Monte Ferru, which reaches Genna Didu, the remains of two villages are found, that can be supposedly dated to the late nuraghic or the Punic Roman period.
There are some rests of an antique paved road and border levees, that can be attributed to the ancient road Orientale Sarda (Eastern Sard road), which on the territory of Gairo passed from north to south through the places of Rio Bau de Lispedda, S'Arcu ‘e S'Argheri, S'arcu ‘e Sa Porta, Funtanas e S'Arcu ‘e Genna Didu, where an homonymous nuraghe is located.
Sometimes basements of squared houses, probably dating to the Roman period can be seen among the furrows of a plough near Museddu, today the territory of Cardedu and in the past - of Gairo. Some others can be found along the private road in Su Casali, where the evident part above the earth had been demolished, and the material was used for the construction of today's houses. It may have been a group of several structures spread over the whole plain up to Gustierì. Here, on the hill near the internal road from Foddini a S'Arcu'e s'Enna, on the depth of more than two meters, some pottery shards, millstones for mills, presses turned by horses, as well as the traces of fireplaces have been found.
Sometimes in Baccili de Farranca, in Cardedu, in Ulei and coming from Gustierì up to the foots of Mont Ninara, during tillage basements of Roman houses and the tombs of that period with much remains are found.

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