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Land fauna
The rich forest and floral resources favour the natural habitat for many faunal species: walking in silence in Gairo's countryside you may see wild boar families, partridges, hares, wild rabbits, foxes, weasels, and different species of birds, such as falcons, ravens, jays, ring-doves, some of which are of certain importance from the point of view of hunting. It is still possible to observe groups of moufflons, and rarely even a majestic flight of a griffon-vulture, or a vulture Monaco, or of a Bonelli's eagle or of a golden eagle, the species that is unfortunately under the risk of extinction today; actually, very few couples of it remained.

Fauna (foto Virgilio Piras) Fauna (foto Virgilio Piras)
Fish fauna
It's possible to go fishing along the various torrents, furrowing Gairo's territory, for excellent trout and eels. Here it is still possible to find sea bream, seabass, gilt-head sea bream, grey mullet, mussels, mollusks and crustaceas. Particular attention should be dedicated to bottarga (caviar), even if not of Gairo's production: it's grey mullets or tunes roe, that is then compressed, salted and dried.

Fonte: Guglielmo Cabiddu e Ligas Simonetta

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